Find the best TV advertising rates in South Africa

When we hear the word “ad” we immediately think of television, and it is undeniable that this is the media par excellence in advertising. Normally we believe that it is reserved for large companies, but also SMEs could resort to television advertising if their TV advertising rates in South Africa allows it, with a good strategy to improve the ROI (Return on Investment). To analyze the price of your ad, we must first establish in what chain and time slot we are going to program it, knowing that the audience is different in each one.

Other factors such as the duration of the spot or the day on which you schedule your ad will also be important since, for example, it will increase TV advertising rates South Africa much more if that day there is a Champions League match and your spot is going to be announced during its broadcast. Keep in mind that prices are not closed. These are guide prices for Cost of advertising on TV in South Africa that could be modified after the negotiation.

In addition, the first and last announcement of the block will be the most expensive. Normally in an advertising campaign several issues of your ads are contracted in different times and days of emission, however, if your budget is limited you can choose to contract a single ad in an economic strip of a national television. In addition, you can always take advantage of the regional televisions with lower prices and greater possibility of segmentation, especially if your business is local.

The Cost of advertising on SABC TV in the TV press must be taken into account when the budgetary project of a marketing campaign is carried out. To meet the objectives, we will choose the Channel that best meets market expectations and adjusts to the budget available for the campaign. All you need is to search for the best and reliable place for the right type of SABC TV advertising rates. For more information, visit at this page.